There’s No Place Lake Home


“The Lake” is synonymous with family, friends, friends who become family; its home. There is quiet comfort in the lake, its shores lending a front row seat to paradise. It’s a philosophy we learn from the first time we feel the sand between our toes as the water rushes over our feet. It’s the creaky wooden docks, baiting hooks for the local catch with a “no sharks” regard; a soulful imprint that never leaves us.

The lake extends a warm welcome to autumn, allowing us to sneak in those last few lake days with a kaleidoscope of colors. A gradual chill in the air reminds us the lake is preparing us for winter life. These moments become engrained and before we know it, “The Lake” becomes our legacy – something to look forward to, something to share. It is a mindset, a part of us. It is a way of life, earning us a degree in what we call “Lakeology”, a specialty in fresh water and the sweet life that comes with it and we pass this on for generations to come.

These are a few of the reasons Lake Michigan inspired us to start a business grounded in celebrating and giving back to lakeside communities that share in this common bond. unsalted no sharks® was created for those of you like us, who may have to leave the lake, but know the lake never leaves you.

Our Story

We started unsalted no sharks® out of our love for Lake Michigan. As we traveled around the US, we couldn’t help but notice that other inland lakeside communities share in this local pride with a strong desire to give back. We are all passionate about freshwater lakes: enjoying what they offer, focusing on how they serve our communities, and sustaining their important roles in our ecosystem. We decided the best way to summarize this common sentiment was to name ourselves after two beloved features that provide us our safe and sweet waters. No sharks, unsalted. Our customers loved this idea, so we began developing products aimed at celebrating lakeside communities while giving back to the cause that unites us all: water.

Our Products

unsalted no sharks® is a line of products designed to celebrate the lake you love, with customizable everyday tees, tanks, hats, sweatshirts and more. Our products creatively salute the fresh water, sweet life our lakes offer in a variety of styles and colors.

We are apparel with purpose; our brand is designed to inspire a conscious movement focused on clean water everywhere. Don’t see something you’d like? Contact us and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Our Mission

It all started with our parent organization, Mindful Cloth and Press, which was created to inspire a conscious movement focused on clean water everywhere. After our unsalted no sharks® products gained more popularity, we decided to create a separate entity for our lake-related goods that would support our mission toward supporting clean water initiatives.

We are passionate about the sustainability of our freshwater lakes and know our customers are too. That’s why ten percent of our profits are donated to clean water charities that are voted on annually by our customers and retail partners. Subscribe below for more details on the process and to sign up for the newsletter below to make sure you are notified when voting begins!